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White Rose, Black Forest by Eoin Dempsey EPUB

White Rose, Black Forest is a historical fiction written by Eoin Dempsey and was published in March 2018. It’s the story of the White Rose, resistance in Nazi Germany who silently fought for the rights of Germans who hated what Hitler was doing to their people and country. And the deep, dark and snow-ridden Black Forest where Franka Gerba’s family holiday home was located.

Although “White Rose, Black Forest” is considered as a historical fiction, it has all the makings of a thriller. Author Eoin Dempsey presents Franka Gerber with a dilemma right from the beginning, then continues to turn up the heat as the story progresses. Although Franka understands the danger that could come from her actions, she continues to do what she feels is right.


Parts of the Book:

” … The Black Forest Mountains, southwest Germany, December 1943

This seemed a fitting place to die. A place where she had once known every field and tree, every valley, where the rocks had names, where meeting places were described in clandestine languages adults could never understand. A place of gushing mountain streams shining like burnished steel in the summer sun. This was where she’d felt safe. Now even this place felt poisoned, ruined, all beauty and purity choked to death… ”

“… He was here, inside the cabin. It felt like a miracle. She dragged him into the living room and left him in front of the embers of last night’s fire. There was just enough wood there to make it up again, and she took a few minutes to light it. Her hat and coat felt like a second skin as she peeled them off. She went to the kitchen and gulped down several cups of water before going to him. She held the cup to his lips, dribbling water into his mouth. He managed to swallow some of it. He was a filthy, stinking mess and had two broken legs, but he was alive, and that was enough for now. She left him there, unconscious but safe, in front of the fire. Then she went to the bedroom, took off her clothes, and was asleep as soon as she felt the pillow against her face.”


  • Originally published: March 1, 2018
  • Author: Eoin Dempsey
  • Genres: Romance novel, Historical Fiction, War story
  • Language: English
  • File Format: ePub
  • File Size: 650 KB

White Rose Black Forest is inspired by true events. So if you love historical fiction, you’ll definitely enjoy reading this story!

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