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Whisper Me This: A Novel by Kerry Anne King EPUB

“Whisper Me This ” is a fascinating story full of sensations, good and bad memories, dark secrets of characters and the narration of the fact that how the human spirit can be adaptable and resilient. The novel quickly pulls the reader onto a roller-coaster ride through grief, mystery, and cryptic journal entries. At the heart of the story is an unforgettable twelve-year-old, who has more sense than most adults, and her mother, Maisey, who is about to discover not only her courage, but the power of her voice. A book club must-read!

As the story starts, Maisey’s working yet another temp job when she gets a shocking phone call. Her mother, who has never approved of Maisey’s scattered lifestyle, is in a coma as the result of a head injury and her beloved gentle-spirited father is the prime suspect. But Maisey knows her dad, ever one to rescue the odd insect or small animal, would never, ever hurt her mother. They might argue and yell at times, but he’d never raise a hand to her mom. As she searches her childhood home trying to find her mom’s advance directive even as her father attempts to destroy evidence perhaps at her mother’s behest, Maisey discovers more than the physical trails: burned and shredded documents, a key to a safe deposit box, duplicate baby toys and blankets… She also discovers memories she hadn’t realized she lost, that imaginary friends might be real, and that her mother isn’t at all the person she thought she was…

Some Parts of the Book:

“… Whisper me this, my darling, my love
The song of the moonlight, of stars up above.
Whisper me truth, love, and whisper me lies,
Warm days of winter, cold summer skies.
Whisper me anger, whisper me rain,
Whisper me flowers, then whisper me pain.
When I come to die, love, then whisper me this
The shape of a memory, the truth of a kiss.
Whisper me, whisper me, whisper me this
A lifetime of memories, and one final kiss….”

“…In the fifteen years he’s worked as a fireman and a paramedic, Tony has seen strange things, sad things, and outright disturbing things. He’s witnessed deaths accidental and purposeful, traumatic and peaceful. He’s played a part in so many dramas of tragedy and salvation that sometimes he thinks he’s seen everything, but then a case unexpectedly gets under his skin.
Like this one.
An old man, so frail in appearance that a tiny puff of wind might blow him over, sits on the bed beside a comatose woman, holding her hand. She lies motionless, pale as death, the only sign of life the painful rasping of her breath… “

Kerry Anne King has written a novel that will grab you right from page one and then take you zipping along, breaking your heart and making you laugh, both in equal measure. It’s a story about how we save ourselves while we try to save those around us. Don’t miss this lovely novel!


  • Originally published: August 1, 2018
  • Author: Kerry Anne King
  • Genres: Thriller, Psychological Fiction, Domestic Fiction
  • Language: English
  • File Format: ePub
  • File Size: 1.7 MB

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