Whispering in the Wind

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NLP Whispering in the Wind

NLP Whispering in the Wind BY John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St. Clair

It is with great excitement and pleasure that we offer this book to the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) community. Its publication seems to us to be most timely. The legal controversies surrounding Neuro-Linguistic Programming have been recently settled in such a way that there are at present no further obstacles to an intelligent and appropriate professional development of this field that holds such great promise (see appendix A for documents detailing the legal settlements that have cleared the way for this development).
NLP has been carried on the wind to all corners of the earth in the short time it has existed. The initial work by its co-creators, John Grinder and Richard Bandler, was done in the mid – 70’s in California. The patterning coded by them in their initial modeling of geniuses has been translated into many languages, adapted to a large number of cultures and integrated into countless domains of application. It has touched profoundly the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, making positive contributions to the quality of their lives.

Our motivations for writing this book are multiple. First, we were moved by a concern about the emphasis and direction that NLP has recently taken. In particular, we refer to the lack of modeling – the very activity that defines the core of this discipline NLP. Our thought was that if we could identify cleanly the primary strands of influence, both intellectual and personal, that shaped the context in which NLP was formed, it would give some depth to the enterprise. Further, there is nowhere available any published descriptions of the processes by which the initial modeling that created the field of NLP occurred. Similarly, the contexts in which these processes occurred have never been revealed. It hardly seems appropriate (and it is certainly not effective) to exhort people to do something without offering some guidance on how to accomplish it.
We begin by identifying the epistemology underlying the entire enterprise

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Chapter 1: Epistemology
A marsh hawk swoops swift and graceful over the damp meadow and then with a shrill cry falls like a broken dream precipitously to the earth… only to rise again triumphant in the hunt, its prey grasped firmly in its talons.
For that suspended moment we witness without words, filled with rich textured sensory knowledge, confirmed in our identification with living things. We are for this brief passage of time close to our non-human companion species. Our eyes focus with precision, capturing and savoring the grace, speed and precision of the falcon, our ears tune themselves to the sounds of the desperate movements of the prey’s futile attempt at escape and the last wisps of the morning sea fog giving way before the rising sun cools our face and hands even as we silently and smoothly shift position to follow the unfolding drama before us. We are alive; we are present. We witness without emotion, without judgment…
” Did you notice the way he turned on his wing to fall upon the rabbit?”
asks our companion… and the moment vanishes along with the coastal fog and we are again human, for better or for worse.

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